Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dr. Levy as my “Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor” ?

Dr. Levy is currently the only Canadian Doctor that has completed extensive training in Conventional Medicine (M.D.) in addition to Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) and Chiropractic Medicine (D.C.) . All degrees are first professional doctorate degrees with clinical internship-clerkship requirements. This equates to well over 16 years of university level education. Dr. Levy is registered to practice in Ontario as a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.), a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and a professional Homeopath (HOM). 

Furthermore, Dr. Levy has pursued additional educational programs in Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine, Clinical Homeopathy, Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine and Medical Acupuncture. In addition Dr. Levy is a regular guest lecturer for numerous professional associations and was featured in several journals, magazines and TV segments.

Please Note: There are many “certified” functional medicine practitioners out there from “Holistic Nutritionists” to “Health Coaches”  that have completed an online course in Functional Medicine from various unaccredited agencies or programs.  These self-proclaimed “experts” are not regulated health care professionals and are not part of the RHPA (Regulated Health Professions Act). 

Do you offer a free consultation ?
  Dr. Levy does not offer free consultations 

Aren't all Naturopaths trained in Functional Medicine ?
The short answer for this question is no.  Functional Medicine is taught in only a few of the American Naturopathic Medical Colleges (Dr. Levy Alma mater is one of them). Furthermore, Dr. Levy completed the AFMCP (Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) certification program from the Institute of Functional Medicine.
Can Chiropractors practice Functional Medicine ?
In Ontario, Chiropractors can not order labs and can only address conditions or dysfunctions that pertain to the MSK systems (Musculoskeletal). Ontario Chiropractors that claim to practice Functional Medicine do so (knowingly or unknowingly) illegally.  
How much does it cost to become a patient of Dr. Levy's?
Dr. Levy’s hourly rate is $350. Integrative and Functional Medicine is a form of personalized medicine so cost varies. Your follow up appointments might be an hour long or half hour long depends on what is involved. The fee for an hour appointment is $350 and for half hour is $180.
Does Dr. Levy practice as a family doctor ?

Dr. Levy’s current practice focuses primarily on chronic conditions. He treats children, adults and seniors alike. While many of Dr. Levy’s class alumni are practicing conventional medicine (family doctors and specialists)  Dr. Levy decided to focus his practice on Integrative and Functional Medicine. 

Do you offer TeleHealth or Video Chat consults ?
Yes, some of our patients can not visit our clinics due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, geographical or other limitations. During your scheduled TeleHealth secure video chat appointment, Dr. Levy will review your past medical records, and ask you pertinent questions regarding your past medical history and present illness and will make specific recommendations from lab orders to treatment plan.
Are Dr. Levy's services covered under insurance plans or OHIP ?

Dr. Levy is licensed and registered to practice in Ontario under three separate and distinct health care professions namely Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy. These professions are usually covered under most insurance companies and, or health spending accounts. 

OHIP covers basic medical and standard of care type services (urgent care or acute type medicine). As Integrative and Functional Medicine services are not considered “standard of care” these services would not be covered under OHIP.

It is important to note that doctors offering “Functional Medicine” or any other alternative services under OHIP are doing so against the guidelines set by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and are potentially jeopardizing their medical license(s).

For a list of services that are covered under OHIP please visit the Ministry of Health webpage

How much do laboratory tests cost?
Costs vary depending on the type of tests Dr. Levy recommends. This will be established after the initial intake as Dr. Levy will have to review your past medical history, complete a full head-to-toe examination and then decide which conventional tests, imaging and/or functional labs will be necessary.

Please Note: As a patient of Dr. Levy you will enjoy wholesale Lab tests at cost. (Patients can pay most lab companies directly.) This is another cost-saving feature that we implement in our clinic.  Functional and Nutritional tests are not covered under OHIP, but might be covered under your Health Spending Account (HSA), insurance benefits or extended health care plans.

Can I email Dr. Levy with questions or concerns regarding my health ?

No. As per regulatory bylaws pertaining to email communications. Emails are not private or secure methods of communications. All communications with Dr. Levy must be during your scheduled appointment either in person or via secure TeleHealth video-chat (“virtual appointments”). If you have a quick question or concern regarding your health, please call the clinic directly. You can only email the clinic for administrative type questions or concerns. 

What should I do before my initial visit?

Please email scanned (PDF) or fax all recent lab results (past year only), consult reports and medical imaging reports BEFORE your initial appointment. For your convenience patients can now schedule their appointments and complete the intake form online.