If your professional association or organization wish to have Dr. Levy as a guest speaker, kindly contact Dr. Levy 3 months in advance. 

Professional Appearances

  • American Association of Podiatric Medicine “Integrative & Functional Medicine for Chronic Complex Conditions ” CE to North American Podiatrists, October 2013.
  • Evidence Based Nutrition SeminarsNaturopathic Approach to Sports Injuries” presentation to Ontario Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors. 2014-2015
  • Collaborative Education SeminarsIFM approach to Chronic Systemic Inflammation.“, CE presentation to Ontario Naturopathic Doctors, 2015.

In the Media

Canadian Family Magazine Dr Levy Food Sensitivities Allergies IntolerancesDr. Levy NDNR article 10-2011-Acu for HTNDr Mordy Levy Lecture Presentations at the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association


  1. CTV Network “Lifestyle Episode, aired July-August, 2017”
  2. NDNR Journal (Naturopathic Doctor News and Reviews) “Acupuncture for Essential Hypertension” , October 2011
  3. Canadian Family Magazine “How to raise a healthy Child” Featuring DR M LEVY
  4. Integrative Healthcare Professional Magazine, Cover story “Dr. Mordy Levy  Advanced Integrative Medicine” May 2013.