If your professional association or organization wish to have Dr. Levy as a guest speaker, kindly contact Dr. Levy 3 months in advance. 

Professional Appearances

  • American Association of Podiatric Medicine “Integrative & Functional Medicine for Chronic Complex Conditions ” CE to North American Podiatrists, October 2013.
  • Evidence Based Nutrition SeminarsNaturopathic Approach to Sports Injuries” presentation to Ontario Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors. 2014-2015
  • Collaborative Education SeminarsIFM approach to Chronic Systemic Inflammation.“, CE presentation to Ontario Naturopathic Doctors, 2015.
  • Annual  Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, 2020, “Nutritional Approach for Hormonal Health”

National Awards

  • National Nutrition Awards 2017: Bronze Medalist Top Integrative and Complimentary Doctor
  • National Nutrition Awards 2018: Gold Medalist Top Integrative and Complimentary Doctor

In the Media

  1. CTV Network “Lifestyle Episode, aired July-August, 2017”
  2. NDNR Journal (Naturopathic Doctor News and Reviews) “Acupuncture for Essential Hypertension” , October 2011
  3. Canadian Family Magazine “How to raise a healthy Child” Featuring DR M LEVY
  4. Integrative Healthcare Professional Magazine, Cover story “Dr. Mordy Levy Advanced Integrative Medicine” May 2013.