We are pleased to announce that our office uses state of the art Hill AFT (Automated Flexion Decompression Table) with 4 automated air drops for effective spinal manipulations and decompression.


About Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractors practise a drug-free, manual approach to health care that includes patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment. In particular, chiropractors assess patients for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, extremity joints, and their effect on the nervous system. Chiropractic is a regulated health profession recognized by statute in all Canadian provinces and American states.

Chiropractic Medicine, is a valuable tool that supports wellness, performance and function, by eliminating “Subluxations”, “fixated” or “locked” or “hypomobile” spinal segments (Circled Area in animation below), and/or joint extremities, we allow for better joints biomechanics, therefore, improved ranges of motion and proper nerve flow. Proper nerve flow and biomechanics leads to improved flexibility, strength, and ultimately to overall wellness.

Chiropractic Techniques used by Dr. Levy

Dr. Levy uses gentle & effective chiropractic techniques that are safe on children, seniors, patients with extreme sensitivities (fibromyalgia, and chronic pain patients) even for patients with conditions such as osteoporosis, or osteopenia. Dr. Levy uses state of the art Hill Flexion Distraction Table (see below) in addition to the original Activator Classic (Generation 1), Activator II, and the most recent Activator IV as his adjusting instruments.

Dr. Levy strongly believe that risk of any procedure should always be kept to a minimum, an equation of risk versus benefit is applied to all form of care.

Is Chiropractic covered by my insurance ?

Yes, Chiropractic is covered under most insurance plans, WSIB and Health Spending Accounts (HSA). In addition Dr. Levy maintains an active FSCO License. FSCO license allows Dr. Levy to bill your auto insurance company directly in cases of Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Injuries.

What's Spinal Decompression Therapy ?
  • We use state of the art Hill Laboratories AFT Table (Automated Flexion Decompression Table with Chiropractic Biophysics Air Drops.)
  • Dr. Levy is certified in Cox Flexion Decompression Technique
  • Cox Flexion Decompression Technique is an evidence based approach to effectively treat herniated and bulged discs.